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Cooking class: learn to cook sicilian-style!In November-2015 starts a new series of culinary master classes dedicated to world most favorite sicilian cuisine. The fines chefs of Agrigento province will tell you all the secrets of sicilian food and teach you cook even if you think you can`t. You will learn to prepare a true sicilian pizza in a wooden oven, pasta in Agrigento-style, all kinds of traditional sicilian desserts and salads, even famous italian ice-cream. You will be able to see the process of wine and olive oil making, as well as participate in the preparation of sicilian special - ricotta cheese. If you want to combine your vacation in Sicily with unforgettable experience - join our cooking vacation in Sicily!
MotoragazziHi! We are MotoRagazzi. Our life’s passion is Italy, motorbikes, and traveling in nice and fun company. And we’d love to share all this with you. We offer you very unusual, completely incredible and absolutely unforgettable journeys around Italy on motor scooters and bikes. Why “unusual”? Because no one can organize a motorcycle journey around Italy like ours. Think we are pulling your leg? See for yourself. Why “incredible’? Because you’ll see, hear and taste the best of Italy, even the things you could never dream of. Want details? Be our guest... Why “unforgettable”? Because we, as a company, guarantee: vivid recollections of your motorbike or scooter journey with MotoRagazzi will stay with you through your life. Want more details? Then jump to How do we do it?
The best beaches of SicilyDear friends! Sicilia Nostra invites you to come visit some of the most beautiful beaches of Sicily in 2015! Some of them are very famous and well-known, others are yet to be disovered by a mass tourist, but each end every has its own exceptional charm. Please come and see the beach of Siculiana Marina in Agrigento province, as well as Foce del fiume Platani and Eraclea Minoa beaches. Fantastic beaches of Mondello and Scopello are very popular. The beaches of Torre Salsa and Scala dei Turchi will leave you amazed by the beauty of sicilian nature.

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“Scala Grande” — Pergole “Scala Grande” — Pergole “Scala Grande” — Pergole “Scala Grande” — Pergole “Scala Grande” — Pergole
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