In nowdays it is becoming more and more popular to organize your vacation by yourself, with a little help though. No need to entrust all details of your private time to some agency which will definitely decide what you want to see and where you want to live. Even what you want to eat, and when. Sure thing, the best solution is to plan everything independently.

But what if we are talking about a country, which is completely new for you? White as a blank sheet? Not mentioning all the confusing things you’ve read on the web. Too many photos, too many opinions to make your approach firm enough to decide. Do I want to see this point of interest or that? How long will it take me to get there? Should I go in the afternoon o maybe it’ll be closed fot visitors? How do I know?

Ok, well, you’ve decided to book an authentic apartment. Isn’t it fun to live the real life of a native person? Not some kind of hotel quasi-fake fun, no, real fun. Real life, true culture of the country you’re about to see. And to fall in love with, hopefully.

But how will you know which apartment is better? What about the seaview? What about the furniture, are you sure it’s good enough? Don’t you feel like asking somebody experienced, somebody who actually lives there? Quite an option, I’d say.

Let’s face it: in case if you’ve never been to this country before, all you know about it is the things you’ve found in the Internet. Not so easy to be 100% sure of your vacation quality when all you’ve got is bites, kilobites and megabites. But what if there is an experienced mediator between you and the country you want to visit? He (or she) lives there all his (or her) life. He (or she) is ready to help you, to guide you, to show you the best way of all possible ways to spend your vacation — because he (or she) actually knows best.

This is what tour-realism is about. As a tourist you will encounter all the reality of a foreign country, but with comfort. The comfort is one tuny but extremely important thing, which was provided by some reliable persone. He shared his experince with you and now you can really say: “I’ve been to this country and I just loved it!” instead of “I’ve been to this country and thank God I’m home now”.